story & inspiration

I trained and worked as a designer for 15 years and have specialised in chalk pastels for more than 20 years. In 2009 I set up a specialist portrait studio. I display in galleries around the south-west of England and work to commission from my design studio overlooking the Golden Valley in The Cotswolds.

I grew up in The Cotswolds, England – a spot renowned for it’s natural beauty and long association of artists and craftspeople.

I studied art at school and drew and painted from an early age, always loving the natural beauty of the landscape around me. Growing up, I always had family pets and I am still accompanied on my drawing forays by my ever faithful rescue dog.

My commissioned portraits are about capturing the essence of the animal’s character. Customers often remark that I have not just drawn a likeness of their pet, but drawn their personality as well, more often than not, bursting into tears (of joy!) when they see their portrait.
I sell my work all over the world from South America to Europe and exhibit locally in The Cotswolds, joining groups of artists as well as solo exhibitions.

If you have a new puppy, a rescue dog or a faithful old friend, commissioning a portrait can be a beautiful and unique way to celebrate our four-legged Very Best Friends.

I have drawn pet portraits for wedding presents, birthday celebrations, anniversaries and as thank you gifts for bridesmaids and people helping out with family celebrations as well as just for those who want to celebrate and cherish their four-legged family.

Here are a few recent images I have taken for my sketchbook - as you can see my inspiration is not just animals!